Leading your way
to impact integrity

Triadi proposes an innovative and transformative vision of doing business and finance.

We deliver strategic advice and measurement services for social impact and sustainability, providing technological tools and data intensive approaches.


Triadi is a benefit company and an innovative start-up created in 2022 as a spin-off of the Politecnico di Milano, the Tiresia Research Center – Technology, Innovation and Research for Social ImpAct, and from the collaboration between academics and professionals.


We work with companies, financial operators, public and private entities, the third sector. We lead them through transformative processes to integrate sustainability and impact in their organizations, decision-making mechanisms and business models, so that alongside the economic results they can also generate social and environmental benefit.

Our mission is the integrity of the meaning of sustainability and of its generative and inclusive capacity to transform the way business is done.

Impact Triads


Consider each aspect of the environmental, social and governance logic as a relevant contributor for impact interpretations


Integrate impact at every organizational level: from strategy to internal processes


Consider impact as the combination of three elements: intentionality, measurability and additionality


Explicit desire to incorporate in the business model the search for a solution to a community problem and the generation of a positive social impact.


Measure the proposed social solution in quantitative and qualitative terms


Trying to act in areas where market mechanisms fail or only partially work

Technology and Research on Impact Assessment enabled by Data Intelligence

Impact strategy definition and sustainability performance measurement.

We offer a tailor-made approach to define your impact strategy and integrate it into your business model according to the vision established ex ante. As a next step sustainability indicators and objectives will be developed based on scientific methodologies and we will provide automation and systematisation of data collection thanks to our technological infrastructure.